As I have mentioned before, one of the great things about the Sony a6000 camera and the Rokinon 12mm lens is that you can set it up ONCE…and then leave it alone and it will always work to create great images for you.
Unfortunately, when I started to create a step-by-step guide to show how to do this, I realized that it would likely be more confusing to readers than it needed to be and would give people the impression that this whole thing was not as easy as it really is.
So I have decided instead to do this for you.
Go ahead and order all the items on the GEAR LIST…and once they come in go ahead and give me a call.  I am always out and about so I can easily find time to stop by and get the camera set up for you once-and-for-all.  That likely will be the easiest and best solution for both of us.
So again, make it happen.  Order the items and give me a call and I will get you up and running.  From there you can make the decision on each listing whether you want to take the photos yourself or else bring me in to “take it to the next level” by using flash, drone photos, and other premium photography techniques.






Lesson 1) The Mindset

Lesson 2) The Gear

Lesson 3) Composition

Lesson 4) Balanced Lighting

Lesson 5) Correct Color

Lesson 6) Real World Workflow

Lesson 7) Camera Setup