Q: What is the difference between your Basic & Premium photography packages?

A: Our basic photography package is an all-ambient-light light, HDR workflow for the interior images of your listing.   The only gear necessary other than the camera itself is a sturdy tripod.  Our Premium photography package is an enhanced Flash/Ambient composite workflow that requires us to bring in wireless studio strobes, radio remote triggering units, and more.  

Using flash in our Premium workflow enables us to add more ‘snap and pop’ to your images, enhance window views, eliminate glare in glass and granite surfaces, and provide correct color in almost any lighting situation.  The process also takes approximately three times as long on site and then requires three times as much post-production work on the computer.

Our Premium photography package has no upcharge for requested edits and aerial drone images are available upon request at no additional cost.  Edit requests with our Basic photography package are $25 for each round of edit request and aerial drone photography is a $25 upcharge.

You can see examples that show the difference between the two by visiting our Premium vs Basic Photography page.


Q: What is the difference between your Premium and Basic VIDEO packages?

A: When you order Photos and Video together as a package, the video production methods are the same.  The ONLY difference is on the photography side of things.  Premium Photo/Video combo packages come with premium photos delivered to you. Basic Photo/Video combo packages come with photos created using our basic photography workflow at outlined above…but the video is created in the same manner for both packages.

Again, you can compare the difference in image quality that you get when ordering Premium vs Basic packages by clicking here.