Quick Tips

  • Use this technique on cloudy or overcast days
  • Shoot from a tripod so images can be layered
  • Use flash to illuminate windows
  • Use sky replacement to finish off the “twilight effect”




Sony a6000 Camera

The a6000 is possibly THE ideal camera for real estate photography.  Its mirrorless design allows it to be smaller and lighter than traditional DSLRs and the Sony Live View technology allows you to “see” what the final image will look like before you click the shutter release button.  Best of all… it is SIGNIFICANTLY more affordable than most other pro-grade cameras.




Sony 10-18mm f4.0 Lens

When paired with the Sony a6000 or Sony a6300 this lens, proves to be fast focusing and produces very high image quality. Go as wide as 12mm on interior shots without issue or zoom in to 18mm for exterior shots that are distortion free right-out-of-camera. Not the cheapest lens, but it’s higher price is probably part of the reason it’s consistently a top performer.

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Manfrotto 028b Tripod

Possibly the most sturdy tripod that you can buy. The legs extend twice in order to get you extra height and the geared center column means that making precise adjustments to add remove ceiling or floor from your real estate images on-site is a snap. Not the lightest tripod, but will work well in 99% of the situations you’ll encounter when shooting inside and outside homes.

Manfrotto 410 Geared Tripod Head

The “little brother” to the original Manfrotto 405, this geared tripod head comes with a spirit level and three knobs that allow for fine tuned adjustments which enable you to get your shots lined up perfectly every time. Also comes standard with the Manfrotto quick release plate system, but that can be converted over to an Arca-Swiss style plate without a problem.



Youngnuo YN-560IV Speedlight

Inexpensive, wireless flash that that can be remote controlled with the YN-560TX controller. Adjustable from 1/128th power all the way to 1/1 full power. This unit can be controlled wirelessly via the YN-560TX controller or it can be set to “optical slave mode” where it will instantly trigger when any other flash in the vicinity goes off. Load it up with some Eneloop rechargeable batteries and you’re ready to go.



Youngnuo YN-560TX Flash Controller

The secret to doing flash photography WELL is to get the flash off the camera so that you can bounce light against walls to diffuse it. The Youngnuo YN-560TX enables you to do this by sending your Youngnuo flashes triggering signals. It also allows you to adjust the POWER of the flashes from afar as well as bundle multiple flashes into groups that can have their power settings adjusted all together at once.



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